💊⏰Pill reminder for your girlfriend

by Mister Sepio

Version 4 (May 2, 2017)

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Even if your girlfriend hasn't installed AutoMate, it's not a problem!

You will be asked to pick a contact and a time to send the pill reminder.

⏰💊 At the specified time, will be sent to the chosen contact a text reminding to take the medication.

Example : your girlfriend's contraceptive pill.

✔💊 When she has taken her pill, she can answer "done".
✖💊 If she can't take her pill right away, she can answer "wait" and be reminded 5 minutes later, mean while she can chat with you normally.
✖If she answers something else, she will be sent the reminder message again.
📲✖ If after 15 minutes she hasn't responded back, the reminder message will be sent again.

Repeats itself everyday.
Feel free to customize the different delays/messages.

Feedback will be much appreciated!👌

V3 : - time : made the trick! Thanks Jast Redd!
V4 : - "no response"📲✖ functionality added - some confirmation blocks have been deleted, so no significant increase in number of blocks.

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