🆘🔦 SOS flashlight morse

by Mister Sepio

Version 5 (April 27, 2017)

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🆘🔦 This flow will use your flashlight to signal SOS in morse language ( ... _ _ _ ... ).
The SOS signal will be sent continuously at an interval you will be asked to define.

This can be usefull if you get lost in the mountain and don't want to get eaten by a bear by the time a helicopter finds you...🐻

Please use with caution!

I have seen different versions of this flow and some of them were far to long, so I tried to do mine. However I'm pretty sure I can save one or two more blocks, but I haven't figured out how yet.
Note : I don't want to use atoms.

Please rate and comment if you like it and if you have any advice to give.

V2 : saved one block!
V3/V4 :"dialog input?" block replaced with "pick duration" block - thanks for the notice Jast Redd
V5 : flowchart simplified

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