Power Saving Mode (Data, WiFi, Lockscreen)

by Dhruva Sambrani

Version 5 (May 27, 2017)

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Depending on WiFi and phone lock, saves power by switching on Mobile data only for a period calculated by battery level.

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Non Premium | Root

Initial Set-up
*Change Stop Flow 217 to "Power Saving Mode (Data, WiFi, Lockscreen)"
*Change Start Flow 223 to "Delay and Power Level" under "Power Saving Mode (Data, WiFi, Lockscreen)"

V5- Smarter flow, better handling of unexpected values
V4- Better Connecting logic between variable set flow and main flow.
V3- Added dialogue box to Change Delay and Power Level. (Access from Notification) and smarter logic to keep it non premium
V2- Basic Flow. Flow can be stopped from notification.
V1- ???

Flow Control Logic-
-Starts power saving mode.

-Checks if wifi connected, if yes, switches off Mobile Data and stops flow.

-Else checks lock state, if unlocked​, switches on Mobile Data.

-Else step 2

Power Saving logic-
Checks battery level (sets lvl)

Sends a notification of Power Saving level of 1- Plvlsteps, depending on Power Level (can be changed by Notification).

Sets Mobile data to on for 1 min, then off for a time stipulated by Delaystep and Plvlsteps. Delay (in minutes), is the time multiplied by Power Saving level.

Battery level- 20
Plvlstep- 4
Delaystep- 5
Time off = 5 * (4 - floor(20*4/100) ) * 60 sec
= 20 minutes
Power level = 4 - floor (20*4/100)
= 4

Root- To change Mobile Data setting
Connectivity- To check WiFi Connectivity

PS- You can also change all the Mobile Data blocks to appropriate Airplane mode blocks.

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