💊 Rx Manager/Scheduler

by Alex J. Owens

Version 2 (April 25, 2017)

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Manage your Rx effortlessly! Schedule the time you want to take medication and track your current fill. Reminds you to refill when low :) Logging set to track your intake/refills (keep logging disabled). Melatonin used as example

Note: Only activate Rx Manager! I recommend a home screen shortcut to activate Track Intake when you take medication to accurately log time and disable alarm. No other fibers should be started manually (though you may run "Refill Check" to see your on hand count)

-Track current Rx count and full refills
-Track history of intake to ensure time compliance /see trends
-Refill reminder when low
-Alarm to remind you to take medication (only if you did not within 60 minutes of scheduled time)