Presence detection mobile DOMOTICZ

by Tomáš Odstrčil

Version 1 (April 25, 2017)

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Warning​ for advanced (Turns on and off mobile data)

This automation upon switching home turns on the switch.

Setting for Domoticz

Domoticz Setup - creating virtual hardware dummy and virtual switches​(idx)

Set router portforwarding ​on ip adresse domoticz ​instance(8080 and 443​ ​​default)​​

​Set​ ​​idx=​​(on http​ automate block​ Overwrite XX​​ idx=XX​) You will find in domoticz devices​ 

Set IP and port ​ ​domoticz instance​ ​(on http​ automate block​)​

HTTP://​your_ip_adresse domoticz_instance​:​port​/json.htm?type=command&param=switchlight&idx=XX&switchcmd=On


​Setting for WIFI​

Set block (when near cell) When you are home, you need to add a cell tower in this block.

You can further develop. Add ideas.

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