App locker 1.1 [MZ]

by Marko Zajc

Version 1 (May 2, 2017)

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Scared of your schoolmates checking your pictures? This NON-PREMIUM flow is for you!!

Using this flow, you can lock any app on your phone (even Automate) without any limits, any files created or any other conflicts!

How to set it up?
First of all, run "Settings" and set apps and password. Then run "Run". That's it!
Also, when you enter password once, you won't need to enter it (for app you unlock) till you turn screen off.

Are there any system requirements?
Yes, only one. Your android must be 4.1 (Jellybean) or above. "Interact home" requires that, sorry. But hey, if you have any version below and you have root, you can replace that block with "App kill" (unfortunately that can't kill Automate). If you're feeling real advanced, you can also use "SuperUser tterminal command".

Why doesn't it create any files like most of flows?
For three reasons:

#1 If flow would use files, you would have to lock everything that accesses files (all file explorers, terminals, ...) and even Google Play Store, so they wouldn't be able to download anything new. Also, using atomic variables, variables would reset (including password) if any changes are made to flow. So NOONE can see password.

#2 If apps would be in files, anybody could modify/delete list, making locked apps unlocked

#3 It would take more blocks (already at 30), making flow premium

V 1.0
+ Now it closes app after entering wrong password
+ Now it puts you to password set dialog if you havent set one yet and you try to run flow
- Removed the "Access granted" dialog, so flow can stay premium free

V 1.1
+ Now gives intruder a time limit before closing app

¡ NOTE !
It's recommend to lock Automate since if it remains unlocked, anyone can stop flow

¡ NOTE !
You will need Automate's accessibility service to be enabled in order for flow to work. If it's disabled, flow would be unnable to close app (using "Home" button)

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