Quick settings clipboard history [24 blocs]

by BenoƮt Favreau

Version 2 (May 15, 2017)

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This flow is a clipboard history manager which you can access by clicking a tile in the notification panel.

It is very discrete and very easily accessible, and works without using any floating notification.

An example : you found 3 interesting ideas in a webpage and you would like to save them somewhere (in a note app, send by email, etc.)
- Without this flow: you copy the 1st one, go to your app, paste it, and come back to your browser and do the same thing with all other texts. It is a bit boring and your smartphone may need to reload the webpage each time you switch back to your browser.
- With this flow:
1. copy the first text, then the second, then the third;
2. open your note app, email,...
3. access your saved texts directly from the "Clip" tile and paste each of them in your app. Faster !

By default it automatically saves your last 10 Ctrl+C (configurable).

IMPORTANT : you need to add an Automate tile to quick settings (possible if you run at least Android 6).
These tiles are the ones which name is "unknown". Don't worry, it will have a nice name and icon once the flow is launched :)

- 28 blocs (=> ok for non-pro users)
- clic on the "Clip" tile in quick settings ( in notification panel): from there you can view your history and re-copy any text previously copied
- easily set the history size: just edit the very first bloc and set variable "max_size" to whatever you want
- if you want to clear history, restart the flow
- if you cleared history and want to retrieve a copied text, go to the log file : each time a text is copied it is appened to the log. Useful in case of emergency!

I hope you will like it ; I personnaly use it every day ^^ Don't hesitate to rate it if you love it as well; otherwise if you hate you can give 0 stars and drop the flow in a bin :)

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