😀Wallpaper ReCycling v.2017.05.10.01😋

by mario villasenor

Version 2 (May 10, 2017)

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By ram-io

Change wallpaper by 👋shaking or time interval.
1. By shaking - I meant slightly tilted on the left side and slightly shaking your thing twice - your smartphone or tablet that is.
2. You can change the "shake 👋" gesture by recording your own thing in the Motion gesture block number 15.
3. I am an Automate newbie. If you know how to change or eliminate some blocks to shorten the process or if you know a better block or plugin to replace motion gesture block - let's say a block that can read the touch screen - please post a comment so I can have a better insight of what Automate is - under the hood.
4. The bot will only select (jpg, png) image file format extensions. To add your own, include your extension(s) in Expression true block #31.
5. I am using Automate free, so this flow is very limited and very basic. But it gets my bible verses on screen, and that is so good enough for me. Thank you Jesus and automate!