WiFi Lock Screen

by Paul Mcv

Version 1 (September 10, 2015)

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Once activated,the phone will search for your home wireless network once every 10 minutes,if it finds it and it connects to it,as long as the phone remains connected to that network,lockscreen protection will be temporarily disabled until the phone exits the network range or turns wifi off,then,the lockscreen will be automatically restored.

Once connected to the sepcific network,the phone will regularly check every 10 minutes if it's still connected to that network,or the wifi is still on

!!!You need to edit the Flowchart yourself to add your own home network in the "YOUR HOME NETWORK" block, by taping on "Pick a network..." tab and selecting your network!!!

Uses?: if you are sure that your phone is safe in your home,you can skip the time lost by typing your password or pin and acces your phone more quickly :),it's handy for me :D

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