Full automated Wifi/Mobile Networks v4

by Tom D

Version 1 (May 25, 2017)

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v4: new attempt for flow correction; finally works, maybe some fine tuning can be applied
when unlocking:
- check for high data transfer
-- if yes, switch to 4G/3G immediately and try to activate Wifi
-- if no recheck every 2 seconds until main flow activates
- main flow delays 30 seconds before trying to activate Wifi
-- if Wifi can establish connection, mobile data is set to 2G and disabled
-- if no Wifi is accessible, mobile data is set to 3G/4G and Wifi is disabled
- when screen is locked Wifi is disabled and mobile data is set to 2G
- if phone is off hook (incoming/outgoing active call) mobile data and Wifi are disabled
-- after ending the call Wifi is tried to establish, if none is accessible....