Battery Power saver (costum - handcrafted)

by Paul Mcv

Version 1 (September 10, 2015)

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Once activated,your phone will check every 20 minutes (the average time in which 1% of battery is consumed under medium workload)if the battery is below 15%,if it is,a pop-up dialog will appear asking you if you want to activate power saving mode or not,if you decline and the power is still at 15% or below,the dialog will re-pop after 10 minutes,if you accepted,the power saving mode will start
Power saving mode features:
-Setting brightness to 1%
-Cleans RAM Cache via shell expression
-Disables any connectivity
protocols (WiFi,Bluetooth,Mobile Data,Sync,GPS) NFC not included due to fact that not many devices supports this feature.
-Sets CPU governor to Conservative,limiting processing power to one CPU if multicore and limiting speed to maximum of 600 MHz.
Once activated,every 10 minutes,the program checks if the battery is 16% or above.
If battery level reaches 16%,screen brightness and CPU adjustments will be restored,after that it will start over from beginning.

WARNING! - Requires root!
This is pretty much a Beta,if you find bugs and/or solutions,leave comments about them :P

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