Speak Song Info (Simple v1.01)

by Christopher Bognar

Version 4 (May 28, 2017)

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Speaks song info on media start or track change. Works with players using Android API for audio. (Android 4.4+). You can monkey with the Simple version flow to change these options, the Full version has selection dialogs.


*** Changed default media stream to "Text-To-Speech" because the "Notification" stream was too hard to hear on my device when "Music" stream was at full volume, and my device didn't have a control for "Notification" volume.
*** Changed flow name to reflect the fact that both versions can be run on non-Premium Automate. Full version has dialogs for common settings at startup, Simple version does not. You are, of course, more than welcome to set any variables within the flows to as you see fit.

*** Release version.

Full version differences: Song announce audiostream can be changed to speak on whichever channel you like, poll time setting in seconds (0 will poll as fast as possible, but may load your battery), and song info is also selectable on the start of the flow.

Full version here:

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