Auto volume & brightness

by Clear Aspirations, LLC

Version 3 (October 23, 2020)

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Adjusts the phone's brightness, notification volume, and media volume in proportion to ambient noise.
On some Android phones, the automatic brightness feature incorrectly manages screen brightness, going completely dim in daylight or full brightness when attempting to browse after dark.
This script takes advantage of a correlation between ambient noise and ambient brightness. Highways and crowded public venues are often both louder and brighter than home settings near bedtime.
Version one uses an exponential moving average to smooth out changes in volume while the screen is on.
Version two pauses automatic adjustment when the notification volume is set extremely high or low.
Version three is a complete rewrite with completely new logic. If phone is moving during waking hours, brightness and volume are kept higher, and fine tuned in proportion to noise. If phone is plugged in and not moving during your sleeping hours, ringer and notifications are silenced. In normal operation, brightness and volume are varied between 33% and 66%. Edit flow to adjust working and sleeping hours.

Caution: A bug was discovered, that on some Samsung phones uses too much battery while listening for volume levels.

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