📶 Auto Refresh Mobile Connection

by Pete Glass

Version 13 (October 3, 2019)

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Requires root. Auto refreshes mobile connection if no signal found or if there is no 3G/4G data and a call is not in progress. Repeats refresh initially after 3.75 minutes then doubles the delay each time with a max delay of 30 minutes until 3G/4G signal is found. If airplane mode is enabled it will wait until it is disabled before refreshing. *Will update the flow with a better refresh method once a block is available to turn on/off the radio signal.

Note: If your data plan does not charge for roaming access you should manually set your Global Data Roaming Access permissions in android's Mobile Network settings to "allow access for all trips" for better data coverage. However, if you do not have a global network plan make sure to disable this, setting it to "deny data roaming access" if you are traveling to another country otherwise substantial fees may occur.

* * * Created by Pete Glass * * *

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