Frequently update notification,consume less power!

by Paul Mcv

Version 2 (September 16, 2015)

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Keep your internet notifications up to date (facebook,e/gmail,google+,youtube,etc...) without having to worry about battery draining!

The concept is simple enough,but very handy.
Once the network access connections protocols are off [(wifi,mobile data)phone checks for that every 10 minutes],the phone will regularly activate wifi every 30 minutes for 30 seconds to autoconnect to an accesibile wirless network,if no wireless connection established within 30 seconds,wifi gets off and mobile data turns on for 2 minutes,then goes off and the whole process repeats after 30 minutes(mobile data won't turn on if wifi connects to a wireless network,once connected,wifi remains on for 2 minutes,after that wifi turns off and jumps directly to 30 minutes delay).

Activate Sync to achieve richer results.

- Requires root
- Mobile data state change isn't officially supported by android and may not work on some devices.
- Might produce extra cost!!

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