Phone Optimization ^2

by Matthew Freund

Version 3 (September 5, 2017)

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This is a phone optimization utility and more features are coming eventually, but this is an unstable development test, some features may be unstable and not work as intended.

Current Features:
Battery Saver V.4

Update Details:

Cleaned up the flowchart for a smaller size, removed NFC disabling due to NFC using little to no battery power at all. Added a few more tweaks to make the flow more efficient, and more battery saving techniques will be added and used in the future!

New alarm feature!:

Are you as heavy a sleeper as I am? Do you have a hard time just staying awake?
I have got the perfect solution!

With the new night time flow you can autmotatically stop your music at night, and set 18 alarms to wake yourself up! The alarms are set at a 10 minute interval, and the final one is 20 minutes after 10:00 AM, adjust them as needed, though they are the defaults.

In this version you can go in and look at the experimental flows I am currently working on!

If you have any advice, suggestions, please post a comment below!

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