⏰ The Ol' Reliable (Alarm)

by Daniel Dizdarevic

Version 37 (December 5, 2017)

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A simple, reliable alarm with a motion snooze function that I use every day and which never let me down so far.

You are able to set up several alarms stored in atoms. Alarms can be deleted and edited freely. Snooze is enabled by flipping device face down. Tge setup menu can be accessed by pressing the status bar notification.

- Alarm time
- Weekdays
- Snooze duration
- Alarm sound
- Alarm name/message
- Set state (dis-/enabled/once)

- Menu style
- Exit confirmation (or Riddle mode)
- Speech
- Weather forecast
- Use soft lock

Speak current time in your local language via the Google TTS engine.

Riddle mode:
To stop the alarm a simple mathematical equation has to be solved.

Soft lock:
When device is unlocked and the alarm is snoozed, an external app (either Off+ or Greenify if set up) locks the screen, such that fingerprint unlocking should work at next unlock.

SONY devices:
I included a workaround for problems with Stamina Mode. (Alarm may be delayed for several minutes although Automate is on the whitelist.) Device will now wake up ~30 min before alarm time.

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