🚕Taxi Button

by Florian Dechering

Version 4 (August 20, 2017)

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🆓 Non-premium flow
4️⃣ 4 permissions needed

This flow sends an SMS which contains a message with your current location. For best results turn on GPS while using the flow.
I would recommend to set up a widget so it is easy to find when you want to get picked up.


1. Start the flow and pick a contact
2. Start the flow again to send a message with your current location


[V2] - Made it easier to find your location based on your GPS settings

[V3] - Now even my parents can use it: When you are starting the flow for the first time you are asked to pick a contact. Doing this sets up the flow for future use.

[V4] - Now it is easier to indicate that you are on the way or that you are outside.

This flow was made for my parents as they wanted to have an easy way to inform me when they want to get picked up from somewhere.

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