AndroidQuest (premium sorry)

by Owen Fazbear

Version 17 (January 31, 2018)

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It's up to you! Can you save the mobile world?
Welcome to AndroidQuest, the original Automate dialog game. I update this game frequently. I may not respond but I listen and consider all reviews. Please don't hate on me, I'm just a kid.
Considered Changes
- Fighting with different weapons
Original game
Made Summer 2017
V 1.0 Game was created.
V 1.1 Game was updated with more endings. You now have to 'insert 25¢' as you would in normal arcade games! :D
V 1.2 Bug fix and one new ending
V 1.3 Minor Bug Fix
V 1.4 New endings and a fan helped me with a HUGE bug fixing! :D
V 1.5 minor text edit and 2 new endings
V 1.6 2 new endings
V 1.6.1 minor edit, see changelog in game
V 1.7 More endings and stuff. Bug patch.
V 1.8 Made game feel smoother at one point.
V 1.9 Removed an ending, but added more content and two new endings.
V 1.9.1 Minor Bug fix
V 1.9.2 Added some yummy sour patch kids! #notsponsored
V 1.9.3 You can now cancel playing the game
V 1.9.4 pineapple.
V 1.10 Added new ending + squished a bug
---There was then a minor update to the description not in the change log because it's so minor---
Thank you to everyone the supported the game! Too many to list but you're all awesome!
Please do not copy without giving credit and getting permission.
1.6 is in TinyOS!

#1 in the games section as of writing this; thank you all for this. I never knew my game would blow up so much.
1000 DOWNLOADS! I never thought it would happen.. thank you all so much!!!

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