[root] En-/Disable GPS for Apps

by Marcel Ranft

Version 4 (August 21, 2017)

Download (242 downloads)

Enables GPS if a certain App is in foreground and disables it if the App is not in foreground but only if GPS has not been enabled manually before the App has been opened.
Add more Apps like shown in this fiber (use 'no'-Path of the previous 'App in foreground' Block) but remember to set its 'Proceed' setting to 'immediately'.
This flow will need root access to set GPS / Location Provider state, if you don't know what this means you probably don't have root access.
Update v3: changed the whole concept of recognizing if GPS has ben activated manually because it didn't really work before - sorry for that.

Note: if my flows do not work as expected please do not just delete it, better send me a message so I can fix it. Thanks :)