📶 Wi-Fi Checker 5 ✔️ (Updated!)

by Soren Lantz

Version 7 (August 2, 2017)

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Select apps you want to make sure you have WiFi on for, then you will be notified when you don't have WiFi on when using them.

How it works:
Will check if WiFi is connected, if not then it will check the current app and give a warning if its an app you want to monitor. If you dismiss a notification for an app it will not notify you for that app again until you have reconnected and then disconnected again from WiFi (no repetitive notifications).

Version 2:
Optimized checking method to reduce battery consumption.

Version 3:
Updated flow to give more useful warnings and atomically store selected apps for easy restarts. Also made the flow much more readable.

Version 4:
Added options when flow is restarted to make modifying the monitored apps list easier.

Version 5:
Opens WiFi settings when 'WiFi disconnected' notification is clicked.

Version 6:
Simplified flow to run less fibers and to display notifications more conservatively.

Version 7:
Simple flow modification to fix improper behavior when the flow is automatically restarted after a phone restart.

Please provide feedback so I can fix any bugs that may arise. Thanks!

Note: Modifying the flow will erase a monitored apps list you previous entered.

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