Backup Application Names

by Humberto Walviece (Gorniaky)

Version 17 (September 12, 2017)

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Update 17

When you want to format your Smartphone but can not remember which apps were already installed, use this flow to back up the name of all installed apps, and then restore them.

Google Drive is used for backup.

Applications backup version:

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Reply to Denis Lebedev jul 26, 2017: Backup files is not the goal of this flow, I will develop another flow with this feature.

v1: First release.

v2: Minor improvement.

v3: Minor improvement.

v4: Bug fixes.

v5: Minor changes.

v6: Various improvement.

v7: Bug fixes.

v8: Minor improvement.

v9: Bug fixes.

v10: Minor bug fixes.

v11: Bug fixes.

v12: Bug fixes.

v13: Bug fixes.

v14: Bug fixes.

v15: Various improvements.

v16: Minor improvements.

v17: Minor improvements.

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