🔇Game mode / Do not disturb

by Benoît Vidotto

Version 6 (October 15, 2017)

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No more annoying group chat !

With selected apps, this flow will activate the "Do not disturb" mode when they are in foreground.
These apps are registered in a file.
Menus are at disposable to manage them.
Once the flow is launched, you need to restart it to manage the selected applications.

You can set the policy settings in the block n°3, and the priorities in the blocks 21, 24, 33 and 34.
Default is Calls only, with disturbance blocking (Android 7+).

May not work when an app appears on top of the other. If anyone has a workaround, that'd be nice to let me know.
In games, the problem probably comes from the Google play services. You need to add com.google.android.gms to your apps.

- when the device is locked, the game mode is deactivated.
- changed the apps packages in the menus by their respectives display names. If the package is displayed, that means that the app isn't installed.


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