Sms commands v1.3 [ESN]

by Nicolas Esseiva

Version 7 (September 27, 2017)

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Send commands via sms


(Change in settings)

Commands are :
/help : commands list
/alarm : play an alarm
/call-me : call the sender
/locate : send location

2 start points :
Main : The main programm
Set settings : Change settings (change root version here)

- Added settings
- Added non-root option
- Improved update method
- Many small improvements

- Added auto-update (that can be disabled in settings) from and
- Added config file rather than only using atomic store & load
- Cleanup

- Bugfix when clicking forcequit on notification and then cancel
- Confirmation message only sent when device is not on roaming
- Minor improvements in airplane mode management
- Added possibility to easily edit some settings

- Airplane mode auto disable improvements
- Hide notification when device locked
- Location improvements as seen from
- Added /call-me
- Simplified /ring, /ring-force, /silent as /alarm
- Cleanup
- Added possibility to test commands

- First release

Source : EsseivaN (ID : 13972)