Wi-Fi network - Connect preferred automatically

by Michel Bats

Version 2 (July 30, 2017)

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When you do have more than 1 Wi-Fi network at home and want to connect to your preferred network every time you turn on your phone, you might like this flow.
When you first run this flow you need to select your preferred Wi-Fi network. This will be saved in a text file (Android/data/com.llamalab.automate/wifiSsidSet.txt) so that the next time you reboot your phone the preferred network will be chosen again, instead of asking you for it.
If you ever change the name of your Wi-Fi network simple delete the text file "Android/data/com.llamalab.automate/wifiSsidSet.txt" and restart the flow.
Be aware that if you turn off Wi-Fi this flow will automatically turn Wi-Fi back on each time you unlock your device, unless you have mobile hotspot running. When unlocking your device with a hotspot running you will be notified about it.

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