Smarter Screen Timeout

by Fran T

Version 25 (March 13, 2024)

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Keeps the display on while you're reading, allowing it to turn off when the phone is locked, lying faceup, in power save mode, or when in close proximity with something (as when the phone is in a pocket or purse, or lying facedown). Or, stay awake whenever a particular app is running. And unlike certain vendor-supplied camera-based features, it works in the dark!

By also setting your phone's current display timeout to the minimum allowed amount of time, this flow improves your phone's battery life by keeping the screen on only as long as you need it.

Also see the Android Settings --> Display --> Screen timeout and Motion sensor calibration settings.

Notes: If you see "Automate is not responding" messages, try changing the Automate 'Timing accuracy workaround' setting. Also, on Samsung devices, it's recommended to disable battery optimization for any apps you've set this flow to always keep the screen on for.

o Added ability to stay awake whenever certain apps you choose are running (this is convenient for some devices where the proximity sensor may detect your hand while viewing in landscape mode, or when you lie the phone flat while reading)
o Improved support for landscape mode
o Improved setup and app chooser experiences, now optionally sets the device's Screen Timeout setting to 15 seconds for maximum power savings
o Improved reading angle tolerance, modified polling timeout to prevent preliminary dimming on Samsung devices
o Added 'Show Settings' flow
o Improved wait logic
o Prevent crash when Automate starts the flow before the accessibility service has started
o Improved app selection experience

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