Alarm clock + extra

by Robbe H

Version 9 (August 20, 2017)

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Free to download! No premium!
!!! Pls read description first !!!

Insert your time to wake up and select from 3 songs you wanna hear when the alarm goes on.

[ NOTE : Every song need to be insered before using]

When the alarm goes on you need to unlock your phone to turn off the alarm or you can choose for snooze what's gives you an extra 10 minutes to sleep, and it uses your choosen song again as many times as you want. When the alarm is turned off by puching "I'm up" you have 3x3 seconds left to face up your phone to play a wake up song + In your notification bar there will be a "Tap to Stop" function appear because I set this sound block at "When complete"! But when you don't want a song you can hold your phone under an angel, more than 20° or lock your phone.

There will be a second fiber running to check if your phone is locked to disable Wi-Fi when you forgot to do, but it turns it back on when you wake up.

Have fun with this app, rate the program and leave a comment if you like.