Amazon Music Pro

by Adi Perets

Version 1 (August 8, 2017)

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This app does NOT require premium.You do need Amazon Music Installed logged into an account, with some songs on it.

The extersise Mode starts playing music when you move and stops playing music when you do (untested, haven't had the chance).

The voice mode has commands that don't require you to touch anything, just say them at any time. The commands are...

1. "Play My Music" Witch opens the songs tab in Amazon Music.

2. "Play" Plays the song.

3. "Pause" Pauses the song.

4. "Next" Goes to the next song.

5. "Previous" and "Back" Take you to the start of the song, then to the previous song.

6. "Stop" kills the program.

I hope you like my application.

Please tell me about bugs and stuff, that would be appreciated.

My reason for making this was because I hate how Google assistant uses Google music, so I kinda made my own assistant. I also personally think that Amazon Music is underrated, you can download most songs for free with a prime account. Even though they have a smaller selection than most music services, most people have prime, so why not use what you have?

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