Auto enable background synchronisation

by Jasper S

Version 2 (February 11, 2018)

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This flow only enables background synchronisation on certain WiFi networks

How it works:

- It makes a blacklist and whitelist file in the automate directory.

- When you connect to a WiFi that is not present in one of the lists, it'll ask if you want to put the WiFi name on the blacklist or the whitelist.

- So the next time you connect to that WiFi it'll automatically enable your background synchronisation.

- When the WiFi disconnects your background synchronisation will be turned of automatically

Reason why i build it:

Since background synchronisation uses quite some data and can drain your battery very easily.

It can be quite a bummer when you're on limited data plan. And you find yourself out of data because your phone was synchronising all your apps in the background.

Besides that, it can be quite frustrating when you connect to a slow free WiFi hotspot and your phone thinks it a good idea to start updating your apps. which is pretty battery consuming and will slow your connection down even more. Which you don't want.

Lot's of talking 😂
Allright, here's the deal:

- This is my first flow, so feedback will be appriciated.
- Since i am dutch, and english is my second language. Don't give me a hard te for spelling something wrong
- I've used this flow quite some time to test all it flaws and remove / improve them. But it can always be that it works differently or not at all on other phones, Let me know!
- To edit the lists i've made another flow which is called "! Edit Auto enable background Synchronisation Lists"
- Appelmoes is lekker!

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