Insulin reminders

by Vadim Vergasov

Version 2 (August 14, 2017)

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1 - Available in English, Russian, Belarussian!
2 - Optimisation in directs.

Auto add an alarm to calendar about end of yours insulin.

Now supports:
1. Aspart (Novorapid)
2. Detemir (Levemir)
3. Lispro (Humalog)
4. Glargine (Lantus)
5. Actrapid
6. Insulatard (Isophane)
7. Glulisine (Apidra)

Feel free to contact me by email: if you have any issues and recommends!

v1 - First release. Only in English.
v2 - Second release. In 3 languages (English, Russian, Belarussian). Directs corrected.

!!!It's not official product, you use it at your own risk!!!