Vocalware TTS engine💿🎙️

by Finch Nelson

Version 3 (December 28, 2017)

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[Premium-project] 🔰
Another complete text to speech engine for Automate! create voice audio from text using Vocalware api. (Internet connection is required)
do not delete: <|gen_3|ttsengine|1|>
➕ Allow use your own api key.
➕ Download to audio files for offline use.

⏹️ Allow other flow to use custom setting.
⏹️ Stream audio directly.
⏹️ 20 language and over 100 voices (not tested tho)
⏹️ Switch to system default tts engine if internet unavailable.
⏹️ Fetch demo api key on first run.
(demo key have some limit, use "download offline" option to call repeated text and reduce call)

📝Note Most voice have limit of 600 characters, some may have much less.

🎓 To use this in your flow, just start the "Text to speech" fiber with payload contain a dictionary {"msg" : "message"}
This flow is still experimental.
📮Feedback are appreciated

Well there is delay when call api and wait for respond before playing the sound, but if you use "download offline", it load pretty fast for repeated line once downloaded.

If it's only for personal use, you can pull from my other flow "🔊Feedback module" block 50, 51
▫️Change the payload in start flow block to {"msg": "Your message"}
▫️ Block query content will help you find the tts flow regardless what flow id it has (as long as you keep the tag <|gen_3|ttsengine|> in the description), and is only use once.

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