Soundcloud to BT Home Speakers

by OrangeScuba

Version 1 (October 12, 2015)

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When the Soundcloud app is launched at a specific location (like your home), Bluetooth will turn on and connect to your BT soundbar/speaker. This Flow will also adjust the music volume on your phone to 100. Your phone will continue to be connected to your Soundbar/speaker until you turn off the soundbar BT. (This is so you can still use your phone without needing the Soundcloud app to be in the foreground.) Once disconnected from the soundbar/speaker device the music volume on your phone will be adjusted to 70%.

YOU MUST have your BT device on FIRST before launching Soundcloud to have this flow pair with your device. If you forget you will need to stop and restart the flow.

When setting up this flow; You will need to select your location and select your paired Bluetooth sound bar or Speaker device.
** There are two location blocks. Use the same location for both. This is to guarantee BT only turns on at your home when Soundcloud is launched.

This works on Lollipop 5.1