đź““Notification memo with Wi-Fi

by Benoît Vidotto

Version 2 (October 15, 2017)

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Set a memo in the notification bar, depending on the connected Wi-Fi.

The memo will always appear in the notification bar but you can set a Wi-Fi network as a parameter. This means that when the phone is connected to a certain network, the notification will be set from minimal priority to maximum, so you can see the memo on the lock screen. Like this, you can set a reminder depending on your location, like home or work.

The memo can also shows up with time, or always be shown !

To write your memo, you have two options : you can launch the flow directly or leave a notification to write it at any moment. Just click this notification and write your reminder !

You can edit your memo at anytime since it is always visible in the notification bar.


This flow is a new version of my previous "Parametric reminder" flow. This one is less featured but working with the notifications is way easier so I don't have to mess with the menus. Also, the previous one is really buggy. If you want to check it out : llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/10539