🛑Stop every flow by SMS

by Benoît Vidotto

Version 1 (October 26, 2017)

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Mistakes are easy to make.

If your phone is unusable due to a mistakes you did while editing a flow, just send "AutomateStopFlows" by SMS to stop every running flow.

With this, you can let the "Run on system startup" setting checked forever.

This flow will stop the first 1000 created flows. If you think you have created/downloaded more than a 1000 flows, just set the number of iterations higher in the block #3.
You can check the number of your last flow in the block #13 (it is the number in the end).

!! Use this flow at your own risk. Do not put too much trust in it and uncheck the "Run on system startup" setting whenever it is needed !


I could have used the app activity "com.llamalab.automate.FlowStopAllActivity", but this activity shows a dialog confirming to stop all activities. Yet, the objective of this flow is to have no interaction with the phone. So I went the other way.

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