OnePlus 3T charging speed test

by Omar Mostafa

Version 3 (September 19, 2017)

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✅ Test your phone's charging speed.

✅ Know how long it is expected for your phone to be charged.

✅ Set the percentage that you want and get notified when your battery reach it.

✅ Get your charging speed per minute (e.g. 1.715%/minute).

⚠️ Speed test will work on any phone but the expected time is optimized for OnePlus 3T with the original dash charger.

⚠️ The expected time may differ from one device to another, if it isn't accurate you can start the speed test and when it's done replace the "speed" variables with your charging speed per minute (do a couple of tests with different "full" values for even more accurate times).

What's new?

A log is now automatically generated at "/sdcard/Documents/Charging speed.txt".

Fixed a bug.