Anti-Lost Flow [PREMIUM] non-root/root

by cazaurg

Version 4 (October 2, 2017)

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😎 Sms-Locator
Secret Remote sms flow

---2.2 Release---
Sms looping when data/gps already enable issue fixed!!!

---2.1 Release---
Loc looping issue fixed!!!
If location fail, the adress/coordinates of your lost phone will be send as soon as possible!

[Non-Rooted Users]
From now on non-root user can use this flow too...
You can't use Remote connectivity but you can locate your phone with all "turned on" connectivity.. And get the picture

[Rooted Users] :

Locate and control your phone by sms.
Enable/Disable data and Gps in order to locate your phone without traces
Get front and back picture of your phone.

Set a the number of a friend's phone under "value" in Block #4.
It will be the only phone you could use for control your phone..

If you let it empty you could control your phone with any phone..

Send yourself "help" by sms (without the quote) for understand what you can do with this flow

Made for constant use! Only one flow in standby maximum with action filter for around 1% of batterie used in a day!

You have question?
Something you want me to fix?
Something you want me to add?
Ask in comment!

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