by Pawan “Pa.1” Shrestha

Version 1 (September 21, 2017)

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A kind of tiny assistant.

Just remember some orders like "turn on flashlight", "lights":turn on flashlight
, "kill", "terminate background apps", "hibernate", : hibernates background apps , go to sleep", "stay awaken":sleep/keeps awake, "no","yeah":reply for her(AI) ,"of course not", blah blah..

Then you r ready to go:
1. It can terminate apps running on background quickly to save your battery and keep ram unfulfilled
2.Turns on/off flashlights
3. search on Google for the words you want to.
4. Give info of battery percent when plugged out and in
5. Provides you fun and respect 😊
It's beta noy complete... Still can try n send me glitches. May be there's no glitch 😒