Snooze "Running in Background" notification

by Tenshi Hara

Version 8 (August 27, 2018)

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Snoozes Android's (8, 8.1 and 9) annoying "so and so many apps are running in the background", "so and so many apps are using battery" and "so and so many apps are displaying over other apps" notifications.
The notifications are blocked by snoozing them for a longer period each time they appear.
Only works if your device's language is set to English. If not, just modify the strings in the notification blocks.
If you have multiple notifications of the same type (e.g., displaying over other apps), wait for a few moments, stop the flow, and restart it. Repeat untill all notification were snoozed.

Version 1: Initial upload.

Version 2: Removed logging and clarified description.

Version 3: Added snoozing for battery notification in Android 8.1.

Version 4: Hotfix for infinite forking bug.

Version 5: Fixed switch not working.

Version 6: Added snoozing for display over other apps notification in Android 8.1. (Attention: This reduced security as you will not be warned from key loggers, etc.)

Version 7: Fixed wrong connection in battery notification subflow.

Version 8: Significantly reduced amount of blocks.