by Erik Go

Version 10 (July 10, 2018)

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Make waking up after a one nighter easier!

Everynight, when I sleep past 12, I have to turn on an extra alarm to wake me up the next morning. But recently, I forgot to turn on that alarm, and I almost got late. But now, I have made a flow in Automate that would automatically make an alarm for me when my screen is still on past 12 midnight. Introducing, AutoAlarm!

Makes a new alarm when you're still using your phone at 12 midnight or later.

Change alarm time, and desired alarm volume

Free customer support

Change the "considered late" time to whatever you want. Ex. From 12 midnight to 11PM

Easy pattern so you can edit or add more than 3 alarms.

If the time checks are not accurate, change it to immediately instead of when changed.

Flow has 3 alarms (default), and can support more alarms (premium)

There are 3 alarms that are default to 6:40 AM, 6:50 AM and 6:55 AM because my original alarm is 6:30 AM

Default time checks are
12-1 AM (creates 6:40AM)
1-2 AM (creates 6:50AM)
2-3 AM (creates 6:55AM)

AutoAlarm is not yet released to the public. AutoAlarm is still in beta testing. AutoAlarm cannot guarantee that it would make an alarm whenever you sleep past 12, because of Android Doze. AutoAlarm cannot make an alarm when you used a PC then just slept after without checking your phone. AutoAlarm can guarantee that it would make an alarm when you use your phone before you sleep and the flow is running in the background. AutoAlarm haven't been tested in real-life situations.

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