Node.js (JavaScript)

by Bit

Version 2 (October 2, 2017)

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Install and run Node.js/JavaScript on your device.

This might not work the same on all devices and some may outright not support it.

Use the install starting block to first install it, you will need to know your device's architecture if the flow doesn't detect it automatically (most devices are running arm; if it fails to run, try installing a version for a different architecture).
Once installed, you can use the run block to execute a script, any console.log or standard output will be sent to the log file once the program is done executing.
Use the uninstall block to remove it and any related files from your system.

If you are an advanced user but don't know what your architecture and the flow didn't detect it, run the architecture block and view the console output.

This flow works without the use of the Automate premium version.

Version 2
Added automatic device architecture checking.

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