Phone tracker for stolen phones

by Sean Bayly

Version 1 (October 6, 2017)

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TLDR: turn on via a text message to stolen phone reading a code that you choose at start, turn off with a different code that you choose.

Any bugs? Please comment!

Part 1: user login
- email, alternative phone number, activation and deactivation codes are each collected via user input.

-email :to send device location, if it doesent work go into the flow find the gmail block and login directly

-phone number: same as above incase you were silly and left your data or wifi turned off when the phone was stolen!

- codes: to activate your phone must recieve a text with your chosen code in it while the flow is turned on.

To deactivate you must be in possession of the phone and enter your code into the panel. You have 10 seconds to do this or else the flow will start report location again!

Part 2 security:
-phone is locked

- location, time, deactivation code, and a mug shot are sent to your email, or if internet is unaccesible its sent to the trusted phone number. (Take lat and lon and paste them into google maps like this "lat , lon")

- your phone will set volume to max and shout "THIS PHONE IS STOLEN" (feel free to edit this message)

Part 3: shutdown

Deactivation code is prompted after each security pass, its a 10 second window to shutdown the flow.

Once shut down, the flow will go back to awaiting the activation text (so you dont need to enter all your details again, unless you turn the flow off inside automate app)

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