by David Lewetz

Version 1 (October 10, 2017)

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Control your phone with your headset button-press-gestures

This Automation overrides headset-button-clicks and reacts to it. You can set as many chain of clicks (like a double click or double click - pause - triple click) as you want.

It should be easy to add or change click-gestures. There are columns at the left starting with a label that corresponds with the code for the click-gesture (21 would be: double click - pause - single click)
If you add a column, don't forget to add the label to the block 34 (at the bottom)

If you want to change the language for the text-to-speach and speach-recognition from German, you have to change the blocks X and X

Current settings are:
1 click: Start stop media player
2 clicks: Mediaplayer - next
3 clicks: Mediaplayer - previous
1 click & 1 click: Tell current time
1 click & 2 clicks: Tell Title of currently played song in mediamonkey
1 click & 3 clicks: tell current google maps navigation routepoint
2 clicks & 1 click: Read current telegram-message-notification
2 clicks & 2 clicks: Read current whatsapp-message-notification
3 clicks & 1 click: start a specific media monkey playlist
3 clicks & 2 click: start a specific media monkey playlist

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