WiFi Info πŸ“‘ [Free]

by MariÑn Barančík

Version 8 (February 1, 2018)

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No Premium πŸ’Έ No Root

πŸš€ Features:
- Shows SSID and BSSID of WiFi network
- Shows strength of WiFi signal
- Shows real-time download and upload speed
- Shows IP Address
- Toast notification warnings
- Shows WiFi and mobile data usage
- Reload or start speedtest (fast.*com) by just one click
- Automatic reload

πŸ”˜ Updates:
v3 - Real-time download and upload speed
v4 - Toast notifications and few bugfixes
v5 - IP Address and fixes
v6 - Few fixes at notification message
v7 - Fixes
v8 - Removed data and wifi usage, added options

🚧 To-Do:
βœ– Real-time ping on notification (in Pro version soon)
βœ– Notification settings menu (in Pro soon)
βœ“ Toast notifications
βœ– Data usage for month (in Pro soon)
βœ“ Fix few bugs