.☉ S.M.A.R.T. [limited] [30blocks] [V: 3.7]

by Chuck1715

Version 7 (May 10, 2018)

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Demo version- some functions are missing:
Easy settings ; *Night mode* ; feedback vibration of *Game mode* activation

- uses real values (relation between ambient light [luxes] and maximal screen brightness [nits])
instead of made up calculations.

- usefull settings acessible trough flowchart in [Sett] variable block:
Sett[0] Brightness step[X%].
Sett[1] Minimal brightness[X%]
Sett[2] Correction[((X-1)*100)%]... additional value to the base curve (personal preferences).
Sett[3] Maximal screen brightness[round(X nits*pi)]... used to calculate base curve.

- complex trigger made to work fully automatically with possibility of manual brightness actualisation. More in TRIGERS

- 5 modes to fit into various situations has 9 different paths to run trough. More in RELATIONS

- Smooth brightness change.
Scales to get fast brightness change.
30 blocks

1-4 running fibers at once:
* 1 when screen is off
* 4 when screen is on
* 2 when calculating brightness

Average power consumption is between 0.25mA and 1mA. May vary on other devices.

Loging- up to 12KB/scan.

Binary size- 1.5KB.

Make sure you have all needed sensors:
* Ambient light
* Proximity
* Accelerator

# System settings premission is required.

# Accesibility service is required.
If not reenabled after Automate crush it can cause secondary crushes.

"App in foreground?" block can be unsupported on some devices.

Wrong number of brightness steps can cause bug when flow get cycled in "BRIGHTNESS?" and "BRIGHTNESS SET" blocks.
> Motion as shaking or waving <
Respond to walking, driving, sitting down, standing up and manual activation.

> No motion <
Only once until next significant motion is detected.
Works as correction when you find comfortable position or when you place the device anywhere with screen on.

> Change of the application in foreground <
Secondary triger for better response.
Partly hides brightness change to app loading screen.
Overrides system dimming when battery is low.

> Screen wake <
Runs simple and faster calculation for better experience while you're unlocking the device.
The essential part of the Automatic brightness.
Makes the connection betveen brightness and ambient light "basic brightness curve".

*GAME MODE V: 2.5*
Allows you to dissable brightness fall for App In Foreground untill you change the App IF. Cover the proximity sensor, and shake, or wave to enable.

Prevents unwanted brightness changes while walking, or in a car.

Enable/dissable actuallisations in steady hand.

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