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by Benjamin Weeg

Version 1 (October 19, 2017)

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The Free Bitcoin Network apps lets you collect Bitcoin every 15 minutes using the money they earn from the adds in the app.

This assistant will give you a notification once it's time. You can tap it whenever you are ready. Once you finish one do the next and so on.

Claim Free Bitcoin
Satoshi Slots
Wheel of Satoshi

Find them on the Google play store get all 3 of them to maximize your profits.
Please use my referral code when you set up your account on each. That way we both get a little extra something:


You will need to use your bitcoin wallet to collect your payment.

If you haven't set up a wallet yet. I would recommend either Xapo or I can refer you to Coinbase.

If you click one of the adds on the bottom of the screen you will get a hart icon that lasts about a day and doubles your prizes.

Remember most wallets charge fees for smaller transactions so instead of cashing in at 20,000 wait until you have 60,000 at least.
This will take a while. 20,000 Satoshi is worth about $1. So consider this more a hobby for fun. A good way to get into Bitcoin.

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