▶CPU Benchmarks | Non-Premium

by Kylian Eury

Version 1 (October 21, 2017)

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Some simple benchmarks to see how well your phone performs. Don't forget to say what score you got in each benchmarks!

▶Simple yet accurate
With some simple and fast benchmarks you can see how well your CPU is in different calculations

▶Multiple Benchmarks
Array Sorting:
Randomizes 5,000 numbers up to a 64 bit integer that are then sorted in an array. Time might vary depending on the complexity of all the strings.

Encryption: Biggest 64 bit integer is encrypted & decrypted 5,000 times.

Random 64 Bit Integer: 5,000 numbers up to the biggest 64 bit integer are generated.

▶Made for non-premium users
You won't need to spend even 1 cent to use it, as I always do my flows for every users!

Total blocks: 23
Total fibers: 3
Version : 1.0

📌Note: You could try quitting every apps, or try power-saving mode to see if it makes a big difference in performance

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