Snap Intruder and Alert V2.2

by Seravil 0

Version 6 (November 8, 2015)

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UPDATE (V2.2): Fixed a bug where the program has a chance of stopping by itself after 2 login fails followed by a successful login.

If login fails 3 times, snaps a photo of whoever is trying to access your phone. Upon the user logging in correctly, will notify you if an intruder has been photographed. Photos made in this way will automatically be placed into a folder named "pictures/intruders". If the folder doesn't exist, it will create one and place it in that folder.

UPDATE (V2): If login fails are equal to 1 or 2, but the 2nd or 3rd login is successful, it resets the variable back to 0.

UPDATE (V2.1): Fixed a bug where the amount of processes built up every time you logged in successfully, causing it to repeat the voice message about an intruder attempting to access your phone for every time it is accessed.

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