YouTube B.R - GT (Legacy Flow)

by Gabriel Tobing

Version 9 (April 20, 2020)

Download (4,462 downloads)

ATTENTION: This is a legacy flow and not work in the future.

Thank you everyone for helping me to achieve my first 500+ downloads flow. I will always try to continue improving my flows.


- Gabriel

🎬 YTBR ➕ADVANCE in production with all new features. DELAYED : BLUSTK COMP ON WIN 1709


This flow will run YouTube in the background, acting as YouTube Red but free. This is capable with all android devices that have Automate, this flow and the plugin flow below installed.


To enable save feature make sure that you download the plugin for this flow at:



1) Download flow.

2) Download the above plugin for this flow if you are going to be using the save feature.

3) On the other flow, run the reset.

4) On the other flow create your own save.

5) Use voice search, text search, save search or restore.

6) Let it load.

7) Choose a video, press play and you can close it. DO NOT KILL AUTOMATE FROM BACKGROUND OR IT WILL STOP!

8) After your done, go back on and click 'Ok' on the web dialogue. Your last video link will be saved and ready for you next time you open.

9) Please leave a rating as well as feedback to help improve the flow.

10) ENJOY!

Change log:
Versio 9: NOW LIVE!!

- Changed the script to block youtube ads by a bit. If this fails for you please inform me.

Version 8:

- Implemented YouTube Adblock Script (No feedback on Beta was given).

Version 7:

- Added text search. In case you don't want to use the save feature or speech feature.

Older Change logs available at:


If there are bugs please tell me and I will gladly fix them. Please also rate to help improve the flow and to give support to my work.

⚠ YouTube is cracking down on Adblocks. The script may not work properly. BTW if I installed the script wrong, please tell me 😂

For those who report this flow, please, please, PLEASE, tell me why so that I can improve. If you just leave it, your leaving me clueless on what's wrong.


- Katie Heart (Ctrl-Alt-Cuteness). For helping to create the restore function and save function.

- LlamaLab. For helping to create the restore function and save function.

- The guy on Twitter (forgot web and name, but big creds to him)!!!

Keep up to date, discover more flows and possible discover yourself being credited for helping out a creation for a flow at:

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