Ultimate SMS control when phone gets stolen

by Rakesh M

Version 1 (October 26, 2015)

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Control your phone with almost 20 SMS commands when your phone is stolen.

Start the flow "Start this flow", setup a pharse, account and email address and you are ready.

Whenever your phone receives that pharse it automatically goes into silent mode and starts SMS command control flow.

You will receive an email and SMS with all available SMS commands you can send to do tasks you want, some examples of tasks are:
*Send location details.
*Set Phone to silent mode.
*Set Phone to ringer mode.
*Email all messaging activity on your phone.
*Record all incoming and outgoing calls and email them.
*Take intruder picture and email them.
*Sound Alarm.
*Enable/Disable data, wifi, airplane mode.

I will try to add more commands in the future.

I have used two flows to prevent false matching and overloading, So SMS commands only works after you send the pharse and will stop after you send Exit command.

All commands and pharses are case sensitive and some commands require rooted phone or android 5+. Included failure catching block to prevent the flow from stopping due to these failures.

If you have any issues or recommendations for future commands please comment.