by C III

Version 1 (November 2, 2017)

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This flow allows you to control audio players (currently supported are Deezer, Google Play Music and the Cyanogenmod Eleven app) on one phone using another one. Intended to be used as multiple widgets on Home Screen.

●Start Receiver flow On Audio Phone and choose Google account
●Start CntrllrSETUP on other phone.
●Enter email address of chosen Google account.
●Authorise Controller phone on Audio Phone
●Hit Finalise and Ok on C phone
●choose service running on A phone using CntrllrSERVICE on C phone
●Place CntrllrSERVICE, CntrllrNEXT, CntrllrPLYPS, CntrllrPREV, CntrllrSTOP on Homescreen (PLYPS means play/pause) as widgets/shortcuts and assign icons if you use Shortcuts on a custom launcher like Action launcher.
● Done.